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How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People Summary


How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People

Who is this Book For? Those who wish to gain more confidence

Reading Difficulty: Easy

Length: 155 Pages

Author: Les Giblins

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Why this Book is Important

Hey there! You could be here for a few different reasons. The most likely reasons is because someone has told you, you aren’t confident, or you just have realized it yourself! Maybe you are in sales and don’t have confidence to ask for the sale, or maybe you just are a shy person and aren’t confident in interacting with others. Learning to be confident is important in life because when we are confident we can go out and get what we want!

Otherwise we are more prone to letting others walk all over us! I would like to tell you a personal experience I had just over a year ago in building my confidence, trust me I wasn’t always as confident as I am now. “How to have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People” will you help gain the confidence you need!

Recovering from Zero Confidence

It was February of 2017 and I made a big decision, to go out and do summer sales! I met with a couple different companies and ended up going with Edge Pest Control, my team was going to Colorado, man was I ever excited! Our season was going to start on May 1st, so I had plenty of time to prepare!

Everyday I did training and studying of some kind so I could prepare myself to make some serious cash out there in the field! After months of preparing myself the time came to go out and start selling!

I remember driving out to my first area and being so excited to sell some pest control. Well for those of you who have done pest control you know it isn’t the easiest thing at first.

Well I went my first two whole weeks with no sales. Everyday I would spend at least nine hours a day knocking! I walked quickly between homes, I tried to be as efficient as I could. Doors would get slammed in my face, people would curse at me, one guy even stole my visual helps!

To make matters even worse, there were sales people on our team who had just signed up for the summer and were already getting sales with almost no training completed!!

I had studied for hours and hours and hours and was still getting beat. Over those two weeks my confidence and gone from a happy, energized newbie at sales to not having any belief in myself whatsoever! I wanted to quit, I wanted to go home and forget about the whole thing, but I didn’t.

Instead I started applying some techniques to help me gain confidence in myself, and soon I got to the point where I was selling pretty regularly!

One thing that Helped Me

There was one principle that really helped me become more confident with others, and that was working on my non verbal communication! Did you know that almost 93% of all communication is non verbal??

While out selling pest control, I had focused so much on my verbal communication and not my non verbal communication that it had really affected me.

Here are some stats on the different types of communication:

55% of communication is body language

38% of communication is tone of voice

7% of communication are the words you actually say.

When I learned this I decided to focus less on what I was saying, but how I looked when I said it and how I sounded when I said it.

For my first couple days, I only focused on how my body language looked to my prospects, I made sure I was relaxed and calm. I worked on being smooth with my movements and not jerky! There were quite a few other techniques I applied, but those would be a different post in and of itself!

After working on my body language for a couple days I then worked on the tone of my voice! Now this was pretty difficult for me as I have always been quiet when I talk. My whole life, people would ask me to repeat things because I hadn’t said it loud enough!

That was the first thing I worked on, being louder and speaking clearly! To myself I sounded like I was talking loud, when in reality I wasn’t! On the doors people would always ask me to repeat what I had just said! A way to see if you have this same problem is to record yourself talking into your phone, and then listen!

You may be surprised to hear what you do! Then the next thing I worked on with my tone of voice was matching the person I was speaking to. If the person was a little more timid or shy, then I would reflect that tone in my voice as well!

If someone was more loud and animated in what they said, then I would try to imitate them! Soon I was able to focus on both my body language and tone of voice and started seeing a lot more success!

Now of course these weren’t the only things I did to improve my confidence in dealing with people. I also said outbloud the “Self Confidence Formula” from the book“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill!

The Power of Smiling

Another great principle from this book is teaching people about the power of a smile! When I first learned of this technique, it was when I was in car sales up in Canada! I sold cars at a Kia dealership and my sales manager taught me the importance of smiling while talking!

When you smile and talk at the same time, your whole tone of voice changes automatically! Don’t believe me? Try saying “Hi, welcome to my home today,” without smiling first. Now try saying it with a smile! Could you tell the difference?? You probably could!

So how can you improve your smile?? This is going to sound crazy, but there are actual techniques to help you improve it! One way is to look in the mirror and smile as big as you can with your mouth closed and wiggle your nose up and down at the same time! Do it for a couple minutes each day!

Another exercise is to look in the mirror and smile as wide as you can with your mouth open and hold it as long as you can! I found that when doing this exercise, after stretching my smile so much, it naturally just relaxed into a normal smile over time!

These are just a couple techniques you will learn about in the book “How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People!” Some other things you will learn about:

Part One– Making Human Nature Work For You

Part Two– How to Control the Actions and Attitude of Other People

Parth Three– Techniques for Making and Keeping Friends

Part Four– How Effective Speaking Techniques can Help you Succeed

Part Five– How to Manage People Successfully

Part Six– Your Human Relations Workbook

Anyways, I hope you have enjoyed this post and found some value in it! If you have any questions or ways I can improve this page feel free to leave me a comment below!

All the Best,


A little BONUS video from Brian Tracy! 5 Great Steps to Building Self-Confidence!

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