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The Importance of Reading Books

Hello there!

Glad you could stumble upon this blog! As you can see this specific domain is geared towards personal development/business books! Growing up I never really was into reading at all, not until I read my first self help book “No Excuses” by Brian Tracy.

When I first read that book it changed in my life for the better! Growing up and going through the school system I was taught that I needed to get a good post secondary education and that the better education I got the better career I would have therefore the more money I would make!

I believed that if I could make $80,000+ a year working for a company then I would have a great life! I was taught that I needed to work a job 40+ hours a week until I was 65 so I could then retire and live the rest of my life in relaxation.

What I wasn’t taught is that I could in fact live MY PERFECT life if I so desired, but that to get to that point I would have to practice delayed gratification, invest in myself and learn new principles of success from those who had already accomplished what I so desired and then work as hard as I could until I achieved what I so desired.

These are a couple things I learned from “No Excuses.” I learned that I needed to see myself for who I wanted to be, for example instead of seeing myself as someone who wanted to be worth only $80,000  a year, I needed to see myself as someone who was worth $100,000,000 dollars!

I learned that if I didn’t achieve what I wanted to in life I couldn’t make up any excuses because it was MY FAULT I didn’t achieve those goals! After reading this book I decided to start reading other books that my dad had that were geared towards becoming a better person and learning the skills needed to be successful in business!

One of the next books I read was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. In this book I learned that in order to live the life I wanted I would need to build a business that made me “passive income.”

I also learned that I needed to invest in myself and my education whether it be through, audios, video trainings or books written by people who had accomplished what I wanted!

Ever since reading that book back in 2015 I have dedicated most of my waking moments to improving myself and doing whatever it took to make that passive income and investing in myself!

I have many books since then and want to share them with you so you can start on this great journey that I am well into! In fact one day I want MindzUnleashed to be one of the main hubs on the internet for personal development and helping people find success!

Based off of these few things I learned from those first two books I want to start sharing my knowledge with you and how you can apply it in your life directly to start seeing changes today!